Monday, December 17, 2012

puerto princesa palawan airport

wow! i didn't realize that it's been 5 years since i first visited puerto princesa in palawan. true to my being a late blogger, it's only now that i'm resuming writing posts about palawan. so, i fully understand if you click "close" now. but i do hope you won't, and you'll stay. this decision to resume blogging about the place is motivated by a friend request. a friend of mine as far back as grade school asked me to help plan his and wife's honeymoon trip to entrancing palawan. so i'm hoping that i could actually write as much entries about palawan to help my friend. anyway, you should definitely stay coz not to belittle our infrastructure developments in the country, but sometimes (or is it most of the time?) improvements to our road networks, airports, or what-have-you take eons to materialize. thus, you can still somehow make use of the information here. besides, this post can enlighten you a bit of the difference between puerto princesa airport in 2008 and in 2012. lest i give you a wrong impression, let me be quick to add that i can only show the "then and now pictures of the airport's facade."
puerto princesa airport circa 2008
in june 2010, my sister went back to puerto princesa and again in 2012 with my brother. as you can see, there's been an improvement to the airport's look from 2008 to 2010, while 2010's look pretty much remains the same two years hence (well, except for some plants, hehe... do you notice it?)
puerto princesa airport circa 2010 and 2012, respectively

random 2008 puerto princesa airport pictures

oopps, sorry for the blurry images. i'm not very good with tweaking pictures. i only used mspaint to resize the images.
airport terminal fee at @PhP40
on may 3, 2012 there was a public hearing to discuss the proposed increase of terminal fee from 40 pesos to 200 pesos. unfortunately, i've no idea yet if the proposed increased has materialized. additionally, airport authorities of respective cities are currently negotiating inclusion of terminal fees into the purchase of tickets. as far as i know, this is yet to take effect on most philippine airports. only flights out of manila began collecting the terminal fees upon ticket purchase last august 2012 while mactan airport is integrating the terminal fee upon ticket purchase beginning march 1, this year for flights out and passing through cebu. tickets purchased prior to this date excludes the terminal fee, thus, passengers are still expected to pay the amount at the airport ticket counter.

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