Saturday, December 8, 2012

looks like i'm going to tangub

previously, i decided that i'm going to skip tangub's christmas symbols once again. i've canceled on tangub the past two years. so, why not make it a third time this year, right? then, i went home to my parent's house and saw a feature of the different christmas lights all over the philippines. yes, i'm a sucker for christmas lights, hehe. tangub wasn't featured then because the clip was before december 1 and from what i know, tangub's christmas symbols usually starts first of december. that feature made me think twice about wasting my plane tickets once again. so, i flippantly told myself that should we receive our pay on the 8th, and not on the usual schedule - 10th of the month, then i'd go. my departure date is sunday and so if payday happens on a monday, then i won't have money for the trip. i truly thought that we'll be getting our salaries on monday. because of that, i've slowly told myself that it's OK if i ditch the plan once again. there's next year, then another year after that. no problem. when i've fully accepted that i won't be traveling, an unexpected thing happened. someone who's owed me from way, way, way back recently had a blessing and decided to pay me back. boy, was i ecstatic! nevertheless, i still told myself i'm only going to tangub if payday will be moved earlier (to today, saturday). and what do i know, we had payday yesterday! so it only means one thing: i'm flying to ozamiz tomorrow to head to tangub city.
one little issue. as i have psyched myself that i'm not going to tangub this year, i naturally didn't make any travel arrangements. so, since yesterday i've frantically did some research and just today i learned that today, december 8 is the fiesta of ozamiz. no wonder when i tried agoda, it told me that the hotel i wanted to stay in is fully booked! we are in the philippines and we know how fiestas go. sordid traffic!!! anyway, the good thing is by the time i'm there - the fiesta is over. but who knows, tomorrow is sunday and people might extend their revelries.
i can't remember the last time i traveled solo. tomorrow should be my first in a long while. no plans. no prior arrangements, so i'm a bit scared. scared because it will be my first time to visit ozamiz and tangub, and no one to ask help from. anyhow, i believe in something greater and bigger now, so i'll rest on the idea that i will be OK. so, gear for me tangub city - and please be hospitable: find me some accommodations for the night. pretty please^^
but before that, i've to hurdle waking up early tomorrow. because last year, i missed my plane by a mere 15 minutes. so let's see tomorrow. crossing fingers.

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