Wednesday, December 25, 2013

tangub city's 2013 christmas symbols

as promised, here are the enchanting christmas lights at the beautiful town of tangub city. all these pictures were taken while battling through the crowd who went to the town plaza to witness the lighting ceremony. these are the reasons why i believe tangub city is a must-visit during christmas time, at least to those like me who find beauty in the glittering lights! hope you enjoy them as much as as i did, and hopefully encourage you to visit the little town of tangub city in misamis occidental, in mindanao.. ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

christmas symbol 2013 pre-opening activities

i didn't do much traveling this year. early on, i've decided to cut back on my trips to focus on another life goal. NAH!!! my travel fund had dwindled, haha. anyway, despite this set back, i managed to push through with the plan to revisit tangub city to witness the opening of this year's christmas symbols.

the travel experience to tangub had both good and bad points. it was more than fantastic as i learned that Christmas lights still never fail to bring a smile to me. the exhilaration i felt looking at the lights and taking quick snaps of the scene before me was priceless.