Wednesday, December 25, 2013

tangub city's 2013 christmas symbols

as promised, here are the enchanting christmas lights at the beautiful town of tangub city. all these pictures were taken while battling through the crowd who went to the town plaza to witness the lighting ceremony. these are the reasons why i believe tangub city is a must-visit during christmas time, at least to those like me who find beauty in the glittering lights! hope you enjoy them as much as as i did, and hopefully encourage you to visit the little town of tangub city in misamis occidental, in mindanao.. ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

the pictures above were just few of the many installations in the town plaza. unfortunately, my sister and i failed to roam the entire town as we were pressed for time. at the town's church, there were also display of giant parols(lanterns). last year's display were truly magnificent, i bet these year's were equally comparable.

anyway, the opening ceremony was ended with a fireworks display. unfortunately, i don't have a kick ass camera. so, i only have a very few decent pictures of the fireworks.

from last year's and this year's experiences of the christmas symbols, i highly recommend visiting the place after opening night. that is, if you can afford to miss the fireworks display. at least after the opening night, the crowd won't be that many. also, you could have the chance to get inside each installation and view what's inside. some of these installations are airconditioned. during opening night, they didn't allow the people to enter to give way to the judging of entries. this year's christmas symbols was a continuation of last year's theme, christmas around the world. thus, the installations you just saw were actually famous landmarks from around the world.

the christmas symbols display will last through three king's in january 2014. it's january 6, i think - where they will have the closing ceremony and to be ended with another fireworks display!!!

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