Monday, December 16, 2013

christmas symbol 2013 pre-opening activities

i didn't do much traveling this year. early on, i've decided to cut back on my trips to focus on another life goal. NAH!!! my travel fund had dwindled, haha. anyway, despite this set back, i managed to push through with the plan to revisit tangub city to witness the opening of this year's christmas symbols.

the travel experience to tangub had both good and bad points. it was more than fantastic as i learned that Christmas lights still never fail to bring a smile to me. the exhilaration i felt looking at the lights and taking quick snaps of the scene before me was priceless. i initially regretted returning to tangub on opening night because of the crowd. i didn't expect the whole tangub or ozamiz would flock the small town plaza! but they all came, and for good reason. despite the super late opening, and the 'amazing race' to return to ozamiz city that same night (OK, way past midnight) - the return to tangub was worth it. i say WORTH IT because i love Christmas lights and there's nowhere in the country that i've been to that's remotely comparable to what the little town of tangub offers to the public. during Christmas time the whole town plaza of tangub is literally transformed into something very magical.

my trip last year encouraged my sister to visit tangub city this year to experience herself the magical Christmas lights. she and i left the city of ozamiz a little after one o'clock. after less than hour drive via commuter jeepney (PhP25), we arrived in tangub. my sister and i brought our packs with us, and was confronted with a problem. big backpacks were not allowed at the town plaza. it's a little issue as we didn't book an accommodation as our plan was to leave tangub at 8 p.m. to return to ozamiz for our flight back to cebu the next day. so, from the town terminal, we headed straight to 'cawaesha inn' known to the locals as 'akawi'. the whole inn was fully booked as there was a CFC (couple's for christ) event that weekend. thankfully, after a small talk with the innkeeper, he offered to let us leave our backpacks at no cost in the inn's spare bedroom. after entrusting our bags, we left the inn to roam the plaza.

town plaza fronting the municipal hall

men doing final touches to the entries

more tangub men busy at work

more preparations underway

as an outsider, i felt the excitement as i watched the people of tangub did their final touches just a few hours to the opening. word around was that this last minute work was due to the previous night's rain. the picture above shows men working on the stage to test the lights for that evening's program, electricians checking up wires, and dancers of the 'sinanduloy' fame rehearsed for that night's presentation. much like any festivities in the country, an event isn't complete without food. thus, nearby you could see eateries and their staff preparing food such as pork/chicken barbecues to cater to hungry guests.

someone just couldn't wait for the lights to lit up

do come back for pictures of the enchanting christmas lights!

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