Friday, January 31, 2014

sole travel this 2014

much like last year, my travel plans are limited this year. this 2014, i only have a single destination in mind: CORON, PALAWAN.

i first visited the place august 2012. while i'm no swimmer, i still like the waters of palawan. thus, when my sister said that she booked a flight to return to palawan, i followed suit.

as there will only be my sister and i traveling this march, we opted to avail of a tour package courtesy of coron island loop. for the itinerary below, we each will pay PhP5,809. excluded in the quotation are the entrance fees to some of the destinations. if one wishes to forego visiting a certain place in the tour, then one need not pay. such arrangement is done to accommodate budget constraints.

below is our chosen tour package and corresponding itinerary:

below is the list of entrance fees:

reservation for the said tour package is PhP1,700 and balance shall be paid upon arrival.
hopefully, nothing untoward will happen and this travel plan will not be foiled.

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