Thursday, December 20, 2012

busuanga island, (coron) palawan airport

in one of my blog posts (don't remember though if it was here or back at my blog at wordpress), i mentioned that visiting small towns in the country is a humbling experience for me. there are many occasions where i take notice of how much far behind cebu is to other cities in asia in terms of road networks and other infrastructures. having had the privilege of visiting nearby southeast asian countries (thanks to low airfare costs), i can't help but compare how wanting cebu's transportation system and mactan airport is. then, i visited places such as ozamiz city (2012), puerto princesa (2008 - airport has improved in 2010), and busuanga palawan (2012) i am reminded to be thankful of what we cebuanos are enjoying at the moment. with cebu being one of the top cities in the country, it enjoys far better facilities than the other provinces in the country do. i am hoping that with more funding in tourism, beautiful places such as coron palawan get to enjoy improved facilities, starting with its very small airport. coron is one of the places that i truly wish for fellow filipinos to have the chance of visiting at least once in their lifetime. it is such a beauty, and it's a pity that one of the means to get there is not given the budget it deserves, making visiting the place not a priority to many. while coron's airport is small, i like it so much that it passes by hills prior to touchdown.
this is the building that greets you when you get off the plane
of course travelers with far too many cameras, are a common occurrence to greet you in the airport, too (my travel buddies, actually)
posters telling you where you are and flyers on tour/accommodation info
baggage claim area
people waiting for/claiming their baggage
people exiting the airport. during time of visit, we filled out tourist arrival information survey forms
arrival exit (coming out from the airport building)
arrival exit (from the street view, facing the building)
airport building (front, view from the street)
vans outside the airport. if you didn't arrange for airport pick-up, there are also public vans to take you to coron town proper for a fee of PhP150. if not, you may approach hotel drivers and ask if there's more room in his van in case his hotel is picking up only a few guests.
me. outside airport's departure area entrance with my hanging lamp bought at PhP500
coron airport's departure entrance
coron airport's terminal fee: PhP20
coron airport's souvenir shop
coron airport's coffee shop
airport departure waiting area
coron airport's runway and neighboring mountains
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