Monday, January 14, 2013

the vetlongwalks' mark and the sandugo pair

I'm straight, but I don't embody a typical girl. I get more highs browsing at hardware stores than I do at women's department. Instead of wearing power heels and dainty sandals, you'll most like see me in my Sandugo rubber sandals. This post is actually a tale of my Sandugo rubber sandals. I'm writing about it because I'm amazed that even after almost seven years, this pair of sandals is still as functional as the first day I've worn it back in April 2006.

Please let me warn you that what you'll see here are actually just pictures of my feet, haha!^^ I fondly call it my vetlongwalks' mark. Before you jump to any conclusions, let me tell you ahead that I don't have a foot fetish. I don't take pleasure looking at my feet (they're actually quite wanting in appearance, hehe). I tell you, however, that I take these pictures of my feet because I'm proud to have made it to different places in the archipelago. The pictures show the places I've stepped on once upon a time with my trusty Sandugo pair. I'm proud of them because I never dreamed of ever traveling, and yet traveling was made possible for me thanks to God.
The picture on the left is of me on board the defunct WG&A Superferry (I think they're now called 2GO) returning home from Manila (actually Cavite/Tagaytay) to Cebu. I bought the pair sometime in April 2006 specifically for this trip. Meanwhile, the one on the right is of my vetlongwalk's mark at the Calauit Island safari. The picture was taken sometime August 2012.
As you can see, I've had this pair of sandugo rubber sandals since 2006, and I still wear it up to now. The last time i wore it on a trip, however, was during the Coron-Calauit, Palawan trip last year. The succeeding pictures are of the mark, and where the Sandugo pair has taken me over the last six or seven years:

UPDATE: As of writing today (June 7, 2017), my pair is still functional. In fact, I still wear it from time to time to work. Anyhow, the reason I am updating this post is because I'm reminded of a couple of pictures that a former colleague had taken during a trip to Seoul in 2010. It shows a behind-the-scene in getting a snapshot of the vetlongwalks' mark. Haha, while only one person is shown, it actually took a village to achieve the heart picture (photos c/o Don). This was taken at the garden of Everland Resort in South Korea.

Fast forward to another seven years, I now manage to take a snapshot of the mark without the help of the village, haha. At least, I'm no longer as big as I used to and was successful at taking a photo without help.

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