Saturday, October 13, 2012

traveling and attempting... are just two of my favorite things. i say "attempting" because i never learned to do yoga poses correctly. my wrong form is very evident in the following pictures, hehe. i love yoga, but not enough to actually have the discipline to practice consistently. thus, the wrong execution of the poses. as for traveling, i haven't done any traveling recently as well. for this year, i've only been to siquijor and coron palawan.
lotus pose
triangle pose
there's no such thing pose, hehe
still attempting to do trikosana right

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ho chi minh - a motorcycle city

one of the first things you'll notice while in ho chi minh is the abundance of motorcycles on the road. be it young or old, man or woman, everyone seems to be on their bikes. it is actually quite fascinating looking at women in their business suits and steep high steels, but still rocking on her motorbike. with quite numerous motorcycles on the road, it is truly not surprising to see several shops selling different designs of helmets.

Monday, October 8, 2012

can't live without western food

one of my former korean colleagues once commented that for someone who likes to travel, i sure lack one quality: an adventurous side to sample local cuisine. i don't know why i remembered that comment just now. so to confirm whether that observation was correct or not, i hit my images folder and took a peek at the food i sampled while visiting neighboring asian countries. you be the judge.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

a tale of foiled tangub plans

several years ago, i learned that there is a place in the philippines that claims to be the country's christmas capital. when i saw the festival of lights featured in one of korina sanchez's tv shows, i vowed that someday i will see for myself tangub's festival of lights.
tangub city's festival of lights / chrismas symbols
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

enjoying crepes in boracay

in 2004, one of my goals in stepping on the island (boracay) was to eat crepes. hehe, yeah, i'm weird that way. people don't go to boracay for crepes!!! prior to coming to the island, i've read somewhere that there's a french restaurant in boracay that serves delicious crepes. at that time, i didn't know what crepes were, actually. i just saw pictures of them, and in my mind, i believe crepes are something my palate would love. i was so excited when in one of our walks around the island, i chanced upon the restaurant i read about. unfortunately, when i was there, my lack of assertiveness got the better of me. my companions back then didn't want to try it for budget reasons. yes, i could have gone on my own or treat everyone, but like i said, i am someone who didn't know how to get what she wanted when i was younger. so yeah, imagine my utter delight when cebu opened its doors to a lot of shops serving crepes! just heaven!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

where to eat in boracay

boracay island is teeming with food establishments. so, getting your tummies satisfied should not be an issue when vacationing there. an obvious choice on where to eat while in the island is your hotel or resort. for most hotels, accommodations come with free breakfast. if it doesn't, well there are many establishments to go to whether you want to go local, korean, american, or european.
the three main go to place when in the island, whether for food or souvenirs, are d'talipapa, d'mall, and white beach food strip.
d'talipapa entrance

boracay: bans beach resort

this is a continuation of the entry: where to stay in boracay.

as mentioned in that entry, my sister and i stayed at bans beach resort during our september 2011 trip. before i talk about the resort, let me first direct you to an earier entry on how to get to white beach, boracay. please click on the link to give you directions on how to get to the beach and the resort itself once you've arrived at cagban jetty port from caticlan.
after successfully finding your way to white beach, simply look for bans' signage.

Monday, October 1, 2012

where to stay in boracay

you plan to travel to boracay - travel + leisure magazine's world's best island 2012.

you booked the tickets. you've done your research on how to get there. so, what's next?

where can you stay in boracay? as always, choosing a temporary abode depends on your budget. boracay has a wide array of inns, hotels, or private resorts to choose from. whether you want a luxury treat or on a meager budget, boracay has a place for you.