Tuesday, October 2, 2012

boracay: bans beach resort

this is a continuation of the entry: where to stay in boracay.

as mentioned in that entry, my sister and i stayed at bans beach resort during our september 2011 trip. before i talk about the resort, let me first direct you to an earier entry on how to get to white beach, boracay. please click on the link to give you directions on how to get to the beach and the resort itself once you've arrived at cagban jetty port from caticlan.
after successfully finding your way to white beach, simply look for bans' signage. bans beach resort is located in between free willy and bamboo lounge chinese bistro in station 1.
enter it, and that building with the resort's name (middle of the above pix) is their reception area:
according to their website, bans have 3 types of accommodations; deluxe room (5), quadruplex rooms (3), and nipa hut cottages (6). my sister and i stayed at nipa hut cottage 6.
one thing i like about bans is its location. in just under 2 minutes walk, you'll be at the beach. the place is also private and quiet (unless of course you have boisterous neighbors next door. luckily, we didn't have during our stay).
the nipa hut cottage is pretty basic. it has a single bed and a double bed. unfortunately, i failed to take a picture of their bathroom. it's not fancy, but it's spacious and clean, plus hot and cold running water works.
the room is air-conditioned, has basic TV and ref. the amenities are a bit old, but at that time of visit PhP1,500 (without breakfast) isn't bad at all. it's very near the beach, starbucks, yellow cab, d'mall, etc. moreover, since bans is at station 1, the posh beach resorts in boracay is just within reach. if given the chance to return to boracay, bans isn't a bad choice at all for it's affordable and conveniently located to the beach and restaurants/other resorts.
that's it for bans beach resort.
i hope this helps you in planning your trip to boracay. if you've recently been to bans, it'd be great if you can leave your comments for additional updates. i will really appreciate it and thanks for visiting!

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  1. hi just wanna ask if you know how to get there from godofredo p. ramos airport? thanks!

    1. hi cocojams!! thanks for visiting. about your question, just click on the link above: Boracay Travel Guide. i have 2 posts there providing directions from caticlan airport to white beach or paste the following to your browser:

      hope they are of help to you. enjoy boracay!!

  2. This is nice! The house is so wonderful place to sleep. When we went to boracay last summer we slept at monaco suites de boracay it's very expensive though when we went home we have no money left in our pocket. :)

    1. hi galen nikolaidis! thanks for visiting. monaco suites de boracay - its name alone sounds expensive. hopefully you had a grand stay there. worth every penny, i hope. no worries about having no money left. what's important is you've been to paradise, right?


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