Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting to Mactan Cebu Airport by Public Transportation

In an earlier post, I talked about how to get out of Mactan Cebu International Airport via public transportation. You may read the post ---> HERE. So now reality strikes, and your vacation is almost over: time to go home.

Well, the easiest way to get to the airport is to ask someone to drop you off, haha! But seriously, if you still have a few extra bucks, then hailing a cab should be better, especially if you have luggage. However, if you don't have enough money left or if you still do, but just want to travel the cheapskate way and save a few extra bucks, then this guide shall prove useful. This means of getting to the airport is not advisable if you have several luggage as there's not enough room in the vehicle. Legroom is actually almost knee to knee.

Please note that I'm only going to cover generic details, not the nitty-gritty. So wherever your point of origin is, your first order of business is how to get to Lapu-Lapu, particularly to Save More—a grocery store of the SM Group. Save More is a pretty known landmark.
View toward MEPZ I (Mactan Export Processing Zone 1)

To get to Save More, you can take the jeepney/multicab bound for MEPZ I. Multicabs passing through this route are those with signboards "MEPZ," "PUSOK," "SOONG," "ENGAñ0," or "BAGO" (short for Maribago). You can find these multicabs passing through these areas: Behind Caltex Gas Station/7-Eleven across San Miguel in Highway Mandaue (a pretty known landmark), Parkmall Jeepney terminal, or back of KFC Restaurant*** in Highway Mandaue (from KFC, you need to walk a short distance toward the junction past Andy's Hotel (blue line. An alternative way to get to Save More is through V-Hire (air-conditioned vans). Just get to SM City Cebu, and head to the V-Hire terminal. Get on the vans heading to "MEPZ." A word of caution though, V-Hires don't easily get full unless it's rush hour. Fare is 30 pesos. Seating capacity is 16, and like the multicabs, they won't leave the terminal until full.
Fare: 9 to 10 pesos (Hi-Way to Save More)

Save More is a few meters ahead from the MEPZ (Mactan Economic Processing Zone) I (One) Welcome Sign.
MEPZ I Welcome Sign

Marina Mall. Location of Save More

Get off at Save More (First Picture Above). In between the very first picture and picture below is the Airport Road.

Walk a short distance through Airport Road to get to where the multicabs going inside the airport are parked.

The multicabs are easy to find as they are parked right in front of the Islands Souvenir Shop

Fare: 8 pesos. Give allowance for waiting time as these multicabs won't leave until the unit is fully occupied. Airport workers usually take this to get to work. So, it can sometimes get full right away.

Golden Cowrie, diagonally across from the Islands Souvenir Shop

Drop off point of Multicab Passengers is the Stop near the International Departure Entrance

Well, that's it. I hope you find this guide helpful.

NOTE: There may have been a few changes in the location of the jeepney stop at the airport. So expect slight changes as this was written about a year ago. I haven't done any traveling lately, so I apologize for my failure to provide a more recent update. The last time I was at MCIA was in March 2014 from a trip to Coron, Palawan. Unfortunately, I failed to snap pictures of the changes. On the bright side, MCIA is NOT a big airport, so the changes won't be that great as well.
***KFC has now moved to a different location (past Highway Maguikay Flyover); what used to be Chowking across KFC is now replaced by a thrift shop or an "UKAY-UKAY" store. However, some folks still refer to this junction across Jollibee Highway as "Chowking."


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