Thursday, September 27, 2012

travel guide: palawan

palawan is one of the best destinations in the philippines. by far, it's the place in the country i'd never get tire of visiting if only there's no money involved and i have a lot of time in my hand. i like palawan for the simple reason that when you're there, you'll have front row seats of how spectacular God had created this place. it offers beaches with crystalline waters, amazing corals, and great wildlife.

i've only been to palawan twice, and i can't get enough of how beautiful the place is. another thing i like about palawan is the humbling experience i felt when i was there. in palawan, you'd feel how disgustingly little support it must be getting from our government. for such a beautiful place - a destination every Filipino or human being should have the privilege of seeing once in their lifetime - it's a pity how a visitor is greeted with its tiny airports, little means to get around the area, and bad roads to remote places. yet if you get past these little inconveniences (and i vehemently suggest you do), you'll experience a little bit of paradise here on Earth.

that said, let me help you start plan your getaway to this top Philippine destination by providing you with information you need. simply click on any of the links provided below: (some of the entries here are previously written posts from my other blog over at
  1. palawan trip planning essentials
  2. palawan airports: puerto princesa and busuanga
  3. palawan sights - what to do/where to go
  4. palawan eats - where to dine
  5. palawan accommodations - where to stay

please do come back for entries on the following:
  • palawan dine in: puerto princesa and coron
  • palawan: baker's hill
  • palawan: crocodile farm
  • palawan: vietnamese village
  • palawan: el nido waters
  • palawan: coron island hopping
  • palawan: calauit island safari

Note: Last Updated April 15 2013
New Entry: Coron Accommodation: Coron Village Lodge

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