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boracay: how to get to and out of white beach

caticlan jetty port is the jump-off point to your boracay island experience. after a 20-minute ferry ride, you will arrive at either one of the two ports: cagban jetty port during high season or tambisaan port during low season. during our september trip, my sister and i arrived at cagban jetty port.
cagban jetty port
multicabs at cagban jetty port

trikes at cagban jetty port
at the port, a lot of drivers (multicab/tricycle) will greet and offer to take you to white beach or to your hotel. remember none of these transportation can actually "GET INSIDE" white beach/resort. these transportations can just drop you off at the main road with foot paths leading to the beach/resorts (see map above). the drivers, however, know the foot path nearest your hotel. some wider paths have "trisikad" (pedal trikes)that can take you to your resort. the ride from the port to the main road near white beach takes 10 minutes, and 5 minutes to walk to white beach. Tricycle/Motortrike fare for this trip is PhP100 for locals and PhP150 for foreigners.
as for my sister and i, as it was lunch time when we arrived at the port, we asked to be taken to d'talipapa instead. trike fare cost us PhP50.
from d'talipapa, we asked to be taken to bans beach resort and were charged PhP50. as mentioned, trikes can't drop you off at the beach/resort itself. the driver dropped us of at some alleyway and just told us to walk towards the resort. initially, we thought we'd be lost as there are also little inner paths. so, we just kept on walking until we saw the beach [in hindsight, i think whatever inner path you take will still lead you to the beach. i don't know this for a fact, though].
the walk just took 5 minutes or so. once you are at the beach, it's just a matter of walking the stretch left or right to find your resort. the stretch is occupied by SO MANY resorts and restaurants. to save time, it's best to do your research first or contact your resort to get bits of directions. if you didn't book ahead, well prepare those legs for some walking (but really, it isn't that far [but don't believe me, i'm a walker so i don't mind how far things are located].
bans beach resort's signage (in between Free Willy Diving Resort and Bamboo Lounge Chinese Bistro
free willy diving resort - bans beach resort - bamboo lounge

How To Get Out of White Beach and Back to Cagban Jetty Port
as we stayed at bans, please note that the following directions takes the said resort as point of origin. so from bans, walk to your left until you reach the foot path leading to d'mall. these are few of the scenes you'll encounter (september 2011)
walk until you see the d'mall signage. enter d'mall and navigate your way around until you find the main road. don't worry, the place isn't that big. so, you're not going to lose your way (i think).
d'mall avenue leads towards the main road. right beside budget mart is the botikang bayan shown in the pix below. if you've found this place, then you, my friend has successfully found your way out. from here, you can take a trike to cagban jetty port. if you want to save, choose a trike that already has passengers in it. fare for the trip is PhP25 per head. if you hail an empty trike, they'll charge you PhP100 for the same trip.

after a 10-minute ride, you'll be dropped off here at cagban jetty port.

get inside the port building to secure your ferry ticket for caticlan and pay for the terminal fee
ferry ticket (PhP25) and terminal fee(PhP50 75 now) table

board and bid farewell to the island

that's it! please let me know if this little guide is of help to you. do leave your comments, especially about changes in the area during your most recent trip.
Hope to see you back here! - vet
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