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Bohol Part 2: Bohol Diver's Resort


Note: This is a repost with revisions from a September 2008 post.


Hello, folks! In part 1 of the Panglao-Balicasag Getaway post, I gave you a rundown on what prompted me to travel to Bohol. I showed you how we traveled to Panglao on a whim. I also shared with you all the great dinner that my sister and I had at one of the seafood restaurants found in Island City Mall in Tagbilaran.

Let me now proceed to the real reason for this attempt at travel blogging-–me wanting to share my own travel experience in the hopes of encouraging you and others out there to buy the ticket and explore the world. For this post, however, I will just talk about the resort where we stayed at. I've already mentioned in part 1 that during this vacation, we stayed at Bohol Diver's Resort. The resort is one of the many places you can stay at along Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol.
Bohol Diver’s by day Bohol Diver's reception in daylight
The gazebo The resort's pool and beachfront (view from the reception area)
The resort's restaurant The resort's bar by the beach (also fronting the pool)
Now let's get on with the actual pictures of the room where we spent overnight. Let me warn you ahead that this is not a luxurious accommodation. Haha, as mentioned countless of times throughout the blog, I'm a bit of a stingy traveler. It's not that I don't want luxurious accommodations, because I do. The option to stay at a less fancy room is because of the reality that I actually don't have much money, haha. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop me from visiting places here in the country.
The room number Rows of rooms made of nipa and sawali
Each of this nipa-sawali-made rooms costs PhP800 per night. Note that this area is not fronting the beach. You will need to walk a few meters to get to this place from the reception area. It’s a good exercise though after all the hours spent on your swivel chairs (if you work in an office setting).
My vetlongwalks' mark at the guise of showing the bermuda grass fronting the rooms above The interior of our PhP800-room (two double beds, fan room with shower)
The bathroom The room with moi
Note that the purplish curtain near the bed, shown in the upper right pix above, serves as the door to the toilet and bath. Yup, no lock! I didn’t mind this as I’m positive my companion is no pervert. Anyway, the picture next to the toilet shows me with my back to the door (of course, indulging the selfietitis, hehe). Like I mentioned, this accommodation is nothing fancy. However, it suited our needs just perfectly. I believe this room can accommodate at most four people. So if you're traveling in four that should only set you back two hundred pesos per person. Not bad, right? While this doesn't boast a beachfront, I believe you can appreciate the greenery and the bit of exercise to the beach.
The view fronting our room The walk to the beach
As I mentioned previously, you’ve to walk a few meters to get to the beachfront. A few more meters going down, you’ll get to the beach. I think this should only take three or five minutes tops walking from Room 23 to the beach. Generally, you won't be passing a public area. The whole place is exclusive to resort guests. Anyway, if this type of accommodation does not suit your fancy, you can actually choose the pricier rooms near the beach.
Dark, showered, ready to head back to Cebu The fancier accommodations
The last picture shows my lone photo of the beach. Although the beach has crystal clear waters, the presence of lumot(seaweeds) is just a turn off. But then again, August is that time of the year where nobody thinks about going to the beach for precisely this reason. Lumot aside, I don't mind going back to this resort for a little bit of sun and sands. If you want to feel like a foreigner in your own shores, February is that time of the year where most of the guests were Europeans. At least, that was our experience was when we were there around that month. We were practically the only Filipino guests at that time.

After a good night's sleep, I woke up very early to try to catch the sunrise. When I was by the beach, a man approached me asking if I was interested in going to Balicasag Island and do some dolphin watching. I negotiated for an affordable price and headed back to our room to get my sister for a short trip to Balicasag Island. That said, enter cue to bid farewell and I hope to see you for part 3: dolphin watching and Balicasag Island.

UPDATE: February 27, 2018

Below are some information lifted from Bohol Diver's website.

For part 3, I will finally give you the rundown for the actual Balicasag Island getaway. See you there!

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