Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bohol Travel Guide

Bohol will always be one of the best places I would not hesitate recommending to both local and foreign tourists. The place has much to offer whether you are on a budget or has more money to burn. Bohol is easily reached via airplane through Tagbilaran Airport. Soon, in August 2018, the Panglao Island Airport will open and begin operations to serve the public. For the more budget conscious, the island maybe reached by slow boat or by fastcraft. Tagbilaran Port is the more popular port of destination coming from Cebu and other neighboring towns in the Visayas. However, one may choose to arrive in Bohol through the ports in Tubigon, Getafe, etc. as well. In getting around the city, the major mode of transportation is the tricycle. The tricycles function like the regular taxi. They do not have a specific route unlike the jeepneys. They take passengers from one point to another. Fare varies depending on the distance. In getting to nearby Panglao Island, most arrange for a fixed-rate fare. On the other hand, jeepneys ply to other towns of Bohol, such as Tubigon, Jagna, Anda, etc.

Beaches and Resorts

While this town is much smaller than neighboring Cebu, Bohol does not lack in hotels and resorts. In fact, it boasts to being home to the following luxurious hotels:
  • South Palms Resort Panglao
  • Henann Resort Alona Beach
  • Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa
  • Amorita Resort (Panglao)
  • The Peacock Garden (Baclayon)
  • Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort (Panglao)
  • The Bellevue Resort Bohol
  • BE Grand Resort
  • Bohol Beach Club
  • Donatela Hotel
  • and a host of other hotels.

For the budget-conscious, the Dumaluan Beach Resort comes highly recommended.

Scenic Beauties and Whatnot

Apart from its crystal clear waters, Bohol is also home to world-famous Chocolate Hills. There is also the Loboc River, where guests can take a cruise down the river and enjoy lunch at a floating restaurant. Another famous destination in Bohol is the man-made Mahogany forest. The Sagbayan Peak is also another place to visit. For gastronomic adventure, the Buzz of Bohol Bee Farm is a must-visit. For the adventure-seeker, one can never get wrong in visiting the Danao Adventure Park. This is an eco-tourism adventure park where tourists can do a host of activities such as river trekking, ziplining, cliff rappeling, etc.

Personally, I have not tried all of the activities nor visited all the scenic places of Bohol. But for the few that I have tried, I truly had a great time then. Below are some of my Bohol stories. You might want to check them out for tips, or generally, just to get you an idea of Bohol from the perspective of this single visitor. I hope you enjoy my travel stories.

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