Friday, April 26, 2013

how to get to dumaguete

being from cebu, i believe bohol or dumaguete are the best destinations to jumpstart and indulge your travel lust. for one, these places are near enough to cebu that it's not scary to venture even alone. moreover, getting to either place is easy. but for this post, i'll focus on dumaguete, specifically on how to get to dumaguete.

How To Get to Dumaguete
Cebu Pacific's Flight Schedule.
Flying by air has the shortest travel time (more or less 45 minutes, but is the most expensive. The airport is located in Brgy. Boloc-boloc, Sibulan Negros Oriental - 15 to 20 minutes to Dumaguete.

Fast Ferry and Boat Schedule.
Lifted from on the image on the right to enlarge the picture and see the fast craft (ocean jet, weesam)/slow boat (cokaliong, george and peter lines) schedule. Fare ranges from PhP900 to 1,500, and travel time is 4 hours.

As for me, my experience is limited to traveling by land and sea. I chose this mode of travel for practical purposes, plus I don't mind the long bus ride. So, if you believe this travel arrangement suits you, then read on for a blow by blow.
  1. Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal
  2. Ride a Ceres bus bound for Santander via Lilo-an Port. After 2.5 to 3 or so hours (depending on traffic), you'll arrive here:

  3. Secure Ferry Ticket
  4. At the ticket counter, secure and pay for your ticket. This ferry ride will take you to Sibulan port. Ticket price and terminal fee is pegged at PhP62 pesos as of writing.
  5. Ride the Ferry
  6. Travel time from Lilo-an port to Sibulan is less than 25 minutes.

    liloan port. april 5, 2012.

    sibulan park. september 9, 2005

  7. Ride a Jeep to Dumaguete
  8. As of writing, the fare from Sibulan to Dumaguete is PhP11. Travel time is more or less 15 minutes.
    dumaguete port. april 5, 2012.
    night at the boulevard, dumaguete. january 22, 2011.
Oh, aside from the above enumerated land/sea arrangement, you can also directly hop on a Ceres bus direct to Dumaguete. In this arrangement, the bus is transported to Dumaguete via a barge. I believe you need to pay separately for the barge. Note though that the above enumerated land/sea arrangement is the most common and preferred way to get to Dumaguete.
Anyhow, I hope this guide is of help to anyone wishing to check out Dumaguete City. If this is your first time to travel here, then explore the city and neighboring towns. Check out Drew Arellano's own Dumaguete experience ---> HERE to get you started. Once you've had enough of the place, then you can either return home to Cebu or hop on another ferry and head to the country's mystic island of Siquijor. Click ---> THIS to know how to proceed to Siquijor.


  1. I love your review/guide as you have included prices (taken on the time of your travel) and you did a great job. We're from Dumaguete and hope to meet you soon in your future visits. :-)


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    1. hi savant_servant! thanks for visiting. yeah, hopefully i could travel some more.


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