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how to get to siquijor

siquijor pier. april 5, 2012

to get to the beautiful island that is siquijor, i'll be using cebu as the jump off point. just for a quick run through, here are places you should be to get to siquijor 1) lilo-an, santander (south of cebu) and 2)sibulan and dumaguete city of negros oriental. do read "how to get to dumaguete city" for details. technically, that post is considered as the Part 1 of "how to get to siquijor." today's posting shall be it's Part 2. so, i invite you to read on.

so, you've safely arrived in dumaguete city, what now?

well, simply head here: dumaguete port. hop on a tricyle and ask to be drop off at the port ("pantalan"). as of writing, fare per person is 9 pesos.
dumaguete port. april 5, 2012
left: towards the city / right: towards the port

walk towards the port, past the gate. once inside, secure your ferry tickets to siquijor. choose from the many ferry companies that lines the building. as of writing, ferry tickets cost PhP120. just bring 200 pesos to be on the safe side.
dumaguete port. secure tickets from among the many ferry (Delta Fast Ferry / GL Shipping) companies (left).
GL Shipping Lines Daily except Saturday (right)
Dumaguete-Siquijor: (a.m.) 5:45/10:15/ 12nn /(p.m.) 2:00/4:30
Siquijor-Dumaguete: (a.m.) 5:50/7:00/9:30 / (p.m.) 1:00 / 3:45

once you have tickets, pay for terminal fee (left). terminal fee is 15. pesos

with tickets in hand, get inside the passenger terminal building, and wait for boarding.
waiting area (left). ferry boat (right)

travel time is 1-2 hours, depending on how fast your ferry is. in our case, it was 2 hours via MV Jaylan. after such time, you'll dock at the siquijor pier.
siquijor pier(left). hehe, have to insert my vetlongwalks' mark. view from the pier.(right)

from the dock, walk a short distance where you can find the loading/unloading area. if someone is picking you up, they'll be waiting around this area. if not, there are jeepneys to take you to the different towns in siquijor. in our case, we went there during holy week, so there weren't any jeepneys. thus, we walked a bit further, out of the gate to where you will find several tricycles (motorbikes on 3 wheels) for hire.
jeepney loading/unloading area(left). motorcycles just outside the pier gate. view towards the pier.(right)

just outside the gate, you'll find siquijor's tourist assistance center. alongside the center, you will find the ticket booths, where you can secure tickets back to dumaguete city. opposite the tourist assistance center is an eatery (carenderia), that doubles as waiting area. past the line of tricycles, you will find siquijor town.
tourist assistance center(left). siquijor town(right)

WELCOME to SIQUIJOR, SIQUIJOR! The town is also named siquijor. Note that there are 3 main seaports in siquijor, namely larena, lazi, and siquijor.
siquijor, siquijor

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