Thursday, May 5, 2016


It's been a little more than a month since I saw the musical Les Miz. A few days may have passed, but the memories remain as vivid as if it happened just yesterday. The ticket that we purchased was for the March 19 gala show. It was set to start at eight o'clock sharp. Not wanting to be late, we left our hotel in Makati at around 5:30 PM. Yes, we were THAT excited! It was good thing that we left early as it took us a while to get ourselves a cab to take us to the Theater at Solaire, the designated venue of the play. As you can see, I could not contain my excitement. Even while inside the cab, I could not wait to arrive at the venue. But of course, Manila traffic never fail to disappoint, haha!
When we arrived at the venue, I readily asked my brother to snap a photo of me as soon as we saw this poster. Yes, pabaga (thick-faced) much!
But that was nothing compared to what my brother had us do in this picture, haha!
Makibaka! Fight!
My Sister
As soon as we had the pictures taken, we went to the reception desk of the Theater to get our tickets. As we're from Cebu, we booked our tickets online and only had printouts of the reservation made. Upon confirmation of the reservation, we were given our tickets.
As we arrived earlier than the 8 PM call time, we decided to grab a quick dinner at the casino's food court. Haha, although it was just the food court not a regular restaurant at the casino, the food choices were a tad expensive for me. More so because I was jobless at that time, haha. Though unemployed, I managed to watch this play courtesy of my sister who paid for the tickets to be paid when able, hehe.
The Food Court
After the quick dinner, we proceeded back to the Theater. Inside the theater, it was rather surreal. I could not believe I'm watching an actual production of the play. See, back in high school, this play was often presented at our school. It was during high school that I learned of this play and came to love it. It also helped that the likes of Lea Salonga actually performed in THE Broadway production of this play. Of course, the ultimate dream was to watch this or Phantom of the Opera in New York. A girl could dream, right? It was for this reason that my siblings suggested that we watch it when we heard that the production was coming to Manila back in 2015. A bonus to this was watching a Filipino playing the character of Fantine in the person of Miss Rachelle Ann Go.
Us Excited to Watch the Play
When the curtain dropped, there was only silent expectation. I really could not believe that I'd have the opportunity to watch a real production of the play. The musical was more than I expected. The overall production value was superb. It was everything a play should be. It was like every high school lesson from our beloved high school professor Ms. Ligaya Rabago coming to life. The play was just amazing. I love everything--the music I know nothing of. That's me saying I can't tell a difference between two notes.
The Curtain Is Up
Satisfied Patrons

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