Sunday, September 1, 2013

cebu trick art museum

Today marks the opening of what could become one of the must-see places in Cebu - Cebu Trick Art Museum. One of my frustrations of not living in the capital is the limited venues available in my beloved Cebu as far as museums go. So, i was so glad when I learned that a new museum will be opening in my city. Thus, as soon as tickets became available, I readily purchased a ticket for myself.
I initially planned on going solo but decided against it. Cebu Trick Art Museum is an interactive museum and could best be enjoyed if you go with a friend or in a big grou - definitely not solo. So, I was glad I went there with my two siblings.
Cebu Trick Art Museum is located at the 3rd level of J Centre Mall (or JMall), along A.S. Fortuna St. in Mandaue City. Entrance to the museum is pegged at 400 pesos. But as an opening promotional, they only charged 200 pesos for the first 2,000 tickets sold. Your PhP200 will let you enjoy roughly 50 paintings rendered in 2D or 3D trick art, especially designed for photographs. It also comes with a 4D simulation ride. Although as of writing, the 4D simulation ride won't be available until after the 10th of September. Thus, visitors who came to the museum today were given a complimentary pass for the 4D ride.
Overall, the museum provides a unique experience to visitors. Except for some lighting issues, I definitely didn't regret visiting this place. It truly will bring out the child and the inner actors in you. Without doubt, this place is very good for the uninhibited. So, don't forget to bring your cameras when visiting the place. Make sure the batteries are fully charged, or bring a spare.

Here are a few pictures we have of the visit. Unfortunately, we didn't go there prepared. Our cameras weren't kick-ass and they died on us. So, some of the pictures were of low quality as they were taken using only a low-tech phone camera.

UPDATE: March 15, 2016 - I'm saddened to report that Cebu Trick Art Museum is NO longer operational at J Center Mall. It will soon be replaced by SSS Mandaue Office. I have no idea if CTAM has transferred location. All I know is when I last went to JMALL, all I saw was a banner announcing that SSS Mandaue Branch will soon open at the space formerly occupied by the museum.

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