Saturday, February 9, 2013

travel plans 2013

what are your travel plans for 2013?

the above question is an appropriate question to ask at the beginning of the year. however, as i'm not a consistent and timely blogger, you will understand why the said question is only asked now. but before i answer that question, (as if someone actually is interested in knowing my plans,) let me mention that earlier today and yesterday, i attended ccf's leadership training seminar 2013. the seminar ended with a message from pastor peter tan-chi reminding attendees about not limiting GOD. with that fresh in my mind, i'd like to believe that more travel opportunities will come my way this year. last year, i've only visited 3 new towns in the country namely, siquijor (april), coron palawan (september), and tangub city (december). this year, i only have two plans so far. they are as follows:
  • 1) Destination: Hong Kong and Macau
  • Travel Dates: September 14 to 21, 2013
    - haha, i only bought the tickets. as of writing, i don't have the pocket money yet. hopefully, i can save up enough for the trip. if not, well - it's probably not meant for me to visit the place again yet. during my 2007 hk-macau trip, i only made it to disney's gate, hehe. see, it wasn't part of our itinerary to go there. but line's cousin insisted that we should at least take a peek at disney. so we did. true that we didn't get to go inside, but we still had loads of fun being there. this year, i'll be traveling with my sister and our travel buddies during our trips to palawan (el nido 2010/ coron 2012), vietnam and cambodia (2011).
  • 2) Destination: Tangub City
  • Travel Dates: November 30 to December 2, 2013
    yes - i was at tangub last december 2012. why the heck am i planning to go there again? well, i just loved the christmas lights that i want to actually see them again. besides, every year the town thinks up of something different each year. moreover, this time, i want to be there during the opening. the pictures and videos i took during that trip also caught my sister's interest. thus, she actually booked the flights already. as for me, i only booked the cebu-ozamiz trip. i don't have the return trip yet, hehe. will book the return flight as soon as i get wind of a sale. much like the september trip, i don't have the moolah yet for this trip either.
    so far, these are the only two places i have in my travel calendar. but as pastor peter reminded earlier - i should not limit GOD. we should not limit HIM. so, i'm hoping that there will be more travel opportunities to come. if not, i'm still happy with my two.

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