Monday, October 8, 2012

can't live without western food

one of my former korean colleagues once commented that for someone who likes to travel, i sure lack one quality: an adventurous side to sample local cuisine. i don't know why i remembered that comment just now. so to confirm whether that observation was correct or not, i hit my images folder and took a peek at the food i sampled while visiting neighboring asian countries. you be the judge.
2007. hong kong. the spaghetti house in tsim sha tsui
spaghetti in marinara sauce
jollibee at central hong kong. no didn't go in, but was just truly proud and happy to see the bee in a foreign land
2007. macau pork chop sandwich. yep, deep-fried-your-lunch-kind-of-pork chop in between burger buns (photo credit: line)
2009. singapore. humba-like food singapore-style [3.75 SGD/S$]
kfc waffle,hash brown, scrambled egg & coffee meal at vivo city [4.90 SGD/S$]
the coffee bean and tea leaf lunch. linguine in spicy tuna sauce [10 SGD/S$]
subway at sentosa with ley's satchmo
2010. bangkok. yayoi - hot quick japanese restaurant [220 thai baht]
some very spicy dish at KFC, bangkok [65 baht]
2010. paris baguette. nope, not france (i wish, haha), but in seoul, south korea [7,200 korean won]
hanwoo bulgogi burger and fries kiddie meal (yes, seriously!)[6,800 won]
ham and egg pancake sandwich at dunkin donuts seoul [6,000 won]
2011. ho chi minh city, vietnam. lotteria was introduced to me in seoul. so, was just sooo happy that they have an outlet in ho chi minh [33,500 vietnamese dong]
KFC's Soft Serve (their twirl in a cup version). [12,000 dong]

haha! i think my colleague was on point with his observation. it turns out, i mostly favor burgers, pancakes, and fries. generally, food i recognize and can actually pronounce.

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